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    • The New Normal: We All Have Challenges to Contend With

The New Normal

Sponsored by Elanco

Caves to explore.  Even difficulties to grow beyond.  That is the new normal – the ever-present need to evolve and adapt to today’s opportunities.  


Global Process Efficiency Advisor and Regional Business Consultant

Bret Canfield

Bret Canfield is a Global Process Efficiency Advisor and Regional Business Consultant for Elanco Animal Health. In this capacity, he is responsible for providing Elanco customers with unbiased customer specific recommendations and solutions. He has been fortunate enough to work with hundreds of clinics, including many of the most successful groups and organizations within the Animal Health Community. Specializing in Process Efficiency, Bret brings value to his clients by seeing the world through different eyes, identifying latent needs, making open-minded observations, and providing customized solutions. He works with his partners and clients to help them improve their business, engage their staff, challenge their status quo, and solve the struggles that keep them up at night. Bret Canfield calls the beautiful American Pacific Northwest his home base. When he is not saving the world with Process Efficiency you can find him hiking, kayaking, or doing yoga with his wonderful wife, Moriah, or relaxing with his mischievous torby cat, Eve, and his lazy pit bull, Rookie.