Riding Life's Waves for Better Careers

The current talent crisis has placed practices in peril due to the lack of qualified staff to meet demand. Burn out is one of the issues highlighted as an underlying cause of this shortage. In this session, we will explore the two high risk periods many veterinary professionals report career burnout.


The first 12 months post graduation and the period roughly five year after. In this session we explore the causes of burnout in each situation and explore a goal setting framework which can be used to stay focussed, get clear on purpose and create self esteem building moments for happier careers. In doing so, catch and ride a career wave.


Here's what you'll learn:

This lecture is approved for 1 hour of RACE and CVPM CE credit.

  • To recognise and be able to act in the moments of career truth to the benefit of your career.

  • To be equipped to reframe failure as growth, and problems as opportunities.

  • To use two frameworks to understand human behaviour in order to build a sustained career in veterinary medicine

Course Curriculum Preview

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    Riding Life's Waves for Better Careers

    • Riding Life's Waves for Better Careers (CE Course)

    • Riding Life's Waves for Better Careers (Required for RACE and CVPM Credit)


Veterinary Business Expert, Author, Speaker

Dave Nicol

Dr. Dave Nicol is the founder of VetX International where he spends most of his time teaching vets how to thrive in practice and practice owners how to lead teams effectively. He is a veterinary business expert, author, award-winning speaker, and insanely prolific content producer! This content list includes three books, most recently the best-selling, So You’re A Vet…Now What? - a manifesto on how to survive as a veterinarian after graduation. Two podcasts and an IGTV show – The Freewheelin’ Vet Q&A Show and Blunt Dissection Podcast - a monthly conversation about success with the rock stars of veterinary medicine (which combined have been played or downloaded nearly quarter of a million times!) He is also an occasional CEO having held senior leadership positions in veterinary and media organizations and now advises many of the vet worlds’ most successful organizations on how to manage their people.