Noodling Through the Small Intestine

This interactive lecture will discuss the basics of GI surgery and give you a stepwise approach to the removal of foreign bodies and tumors in the GI tract. After this you want to dive into the abdomen and do some cool GI surgery yourself.

Here's what you'll learn:

This lecture is approved for 1 hour of RACE CE credit.

  • You will learn some cool tricks on how to survive small intestinal surgery

  • You will learn what suture patterns are best

  • You will know when to save and when to take out a piece of bowel

Course Curriculum Preview

  • 1

    Noodling Through the Small Intestine

    • Noodling Through the Small Intestine (CE Course)

    • QUIZ: Noodling Through the Small Intestine (Required for RACE Credit)


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Jolle Kirpensteijn

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