Inappetence: From Picky Patients to Pets that Won’t Eat

A pet that will not eat is so frustrating to manage for both pet owners and veterinary professionals.  For owners, appetite can be a crucial element for perceived quality-of-life evaluation of their pet.  Owners often recognize the poor appetite early indicating their pet is not well. Inappetence can be the first, and maybe the only sign, that a pet is ill. Often these pets have some degree of inappetence or changes in appetite which can then lead to weight loss.

In recent years, more effective anti-emetics and inappetence medications have become available for both dogs and cats but identifying and treating inappetence remains a challenge veterinary medicine. This lecture will review the causes and consequences of inappetence and will distinguish it from nausea and vomiting. We will review the new and current medications, along with my tips and tricks for preventing inappetence, so we can get our patients eating again. Case examples will be presented. 

Here's what you'll learn:

This lecture is approved for 1 hour of RACE CE credit.

  • Review nausea and inappetence in dogs and cats including causes and challenges with identifying and distinguishing the two

  • Review the physiology of appetite regulation

  • Discuss treatment of inappetence, nausea, and vomiting in dogs and cats

  • Case studies will be presented

Course Curriculum Preview

  • 1

    Inappetence: From Picky Patients to Pets that Won’t Eat

    • Inappetence: From Picky Patients to Pets that Won’t Eat (CE Course)

    • Quiz: Inappetence: From Picky Patients to Pets that Won’t Eat (Required for RACE Credit)


Veterinarian, DABVP (Oncology) , Penne Lover

Sue Ettinger

Dr. Sue Ettinger is a practicing veterinary cancer specialist, international speaker, book author, and YouTube vlogger (video blogger). A dynamic and engaging speaker, she was voted the 2019 Western Veterinary Conference Small Animal Continuing Educator of the Year. She is one of approximately 450 board-certified specialists in medical oncology in North America and currently practices at Veterinary Referral and Emergency Center in Norwalk, Connecticut. She is co-founder and Chief Medical Officer of Fidu, a teleconsulting company to bring together general practice veterinarians and boarded veterinary specialists. She received her veterinary training at Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine. She completed her residency in medical oncology at the Animal Medical Center in NYC. Also known as Dr Sue Cancer Vet®, she is most passionate about raising cancer awareness and has developed “See Something, Do Something, Why Wait? Aspirate.®” to promote early cancer detection and diagnosis. She is a frequent contributor to Today’s Veterinary Practice, Today’s Veterinary Business, Clinician’s Brief, Veterinary Team Brief, & DVM360. Dr. Sue loves to use social media to help clients and veterinary professionals with cancer in pets, including Instagram, her YouTube channel, and her popular Facebook page with over 38,000 fans.