Generating Income from Geriatric Pets

There is a huge opportunity to market, attract and treat geriatric pets. However, they are not coming into your clinic. Learn ways to get them to come in and not only generate income, but increase the bond with the family - and simply - do what is best for the pet! 

Course curriculum

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    Generating Income from Geriatric Pets

    • Generating Income from Geriatric Pets (CE Course)

    • Generating Income from Geriatric Pets: Course Notes

    • Quiz: Generating Income from Geriatric Pets (Required for RACE Credit)

    • Course Resource: Geriatric Questionnaire


Veterinarian, Co-founder of Lap of Love Veterinary Hospice, Lover of Fusilli

Mary Gardner, DVM

Old wobbly dogs and skinny cats are my JAM! I adore geriatric pets and the families that care for them. I'm a tech nerd and spent 10 years developing software before becoming a veterinarian in my 30's. I co-founded Lap of Love Veterinary Hospice which provides in-home end of life care services around the country - we currently employ over 140 vets in 30 states. I led the development of our proprietary practice management software as well as an app to assess quality of life, an online hospice journaling software, a crematory management software as well as a platform for teleconsutling between GP vets and Specialists. And when I didn't have anymore space in my life, I opened a pet crematory with my brother. Developing tech solutions for the veterinary industry is a passion of mine but at the same time, I love geriatric medicine, hospice and all aspects of end of life care. Hobbies? If I have time, I love playing golf. Otherwise, I look forward to eating pasta as often as possible.