Fifty Shades of Fees: Pricing Services and Products

Knowing the true cost of a product or service helps veterinary practices with pricing decisions.  Published resources like the Well-Managed Practice Benchmarks Study and the AAHA Fee Reference provide guidance too.  The “top 50” most frequently used fee codes in your practice also tell a story. But is it a happy one or a horror story?  Join us to gain insights into the latest pricing trends and the impact your “top 50” fee codes have on the practice.

Here's what you'll learn:

This lecture is approved for 1 hour of RACE and CVPM CE credit.

  • Matching the best pricing strategy with veterinary services and products

  • Discover how paying attention to the “top 50” fee codes will lead to revenue growth

  • Pricing recommendations tailored to your practice

Course Curriculum Preview

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    Fifty Shades of Fees: Pricing Services and Products

    • Fifty Shades of Fees: Pricing Services and Products (CE Course)

    • Quiz: Fifty Shades of Fees: Pricing Services and Products


Veterinary Consultant, Love of Lasagne

Denise Tumblin

Denise Tumblin, owner of WTA Veterinary Consultants, provides management, valuation, and transition services to independently-owned veterinary practices across the U.S. Her company co-authors the Well-Managed Practice® Benchmarks Study, and Denise is the co-founder and facilitator of the WellMP® Management Groups. She grew up on a farm, where she learned the value of a strong work ethic, the importance of family and friends, awe for the beauty of Mother Nature, and a deep and abiding love and respect for animals. "I have been blessed to find a career that gives me the opportunity to work with professionals who ensure the health and well-being of the animals so dear to me. I love helping practice owners identify their challenges and opportunities and create a plan to achieve their goals. It’s a privilege and gives me the satisfaction of knowing I’m helping the entire superhero veterinary team and the patients they serve."